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4 Steps to Caring for Auto Glass After a New Windshield Installation to Prevent Common Damage Problems

Sometimes, auto glass installed in your car is going to need to be repaired. The most common problem with auto glass is the windshield due to things like road debris and stress from driving. When you have to replace the windshield in your car, you will want to know how to care for it to prevent common installation damage. The following 5-step guide will help you with caring for your new windshield right after installation:

1. Keep Your Car Off the Road as Long as Possible After Windshield Installation

First, you need to try to avoid driving. Driving makes it difficult to keep the vehicle off the road after installation. Try to have the windshield replaced on a day that will give you at least a day to let it set before driving. If you can wait longer to drive after the windshield has been installed, it will be better for the new glass.

2. Inspect the Seal Around the Windshield After Installation to Have Problems Fixed Before They Get Worse

Around the new windshield that was installed, there is a special seal that keeps the windshield in place, protects the glass, and keeps water out of the interior of your car. Therefore, it is important to do a quick inspection of the seal after the windshield has been installed. Look for areas where the glass is not fitted correctly or the seal has moved, and have it repaired before the glass begins to set in place.

3. Avoid Rough Driving Conditions as Long as Possible After the New Windshield Has Been Installed

Eventually, you are going to need to start driving your car after the new windshield has been installed. When the windshield has been freshly installed, you are going to need to avoid harsh driving conditions like dirty roads or poorly maintained streets with potholes.

4. Give Your New Windshield Time to Set Before Washing Your Car and Inspecting It

The last step that you should do is washing your car and the new windshield. This is something that you will want to wait to do for a week or more to give the glass enough time to set in place. After you have washed the glass, check it and the seal for imperfections and installation damage that you may need to have repaired before it becomes a serious problem.

Follow these steps when caring for your windshield to prevent problems with installation damage after it has been replaced.

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