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Wanting To Get A New Garage Door? 3 Important Questions To Answer Beforehand

Thinking of getting a new garage door? A new door can take your home to the next level by making it look even more aesthetically pleasing. Along with the appearance of the home, the new garage door should function much better than the old one that may have been giving you problems over the years. When a new garage door is on your mind, meet with an installation contractor, answer a few questions, and then choose the perfect door to get installed.

How Big of a Door Are You Going to Need?

The size of your garage door would depend on the number of vehicles that you can park inside the garage. A one-car garage is much smaller than a garage that has enough space for multiple vehicles. If you are not sure of the exact dimensions, you can always let the garage door installation contractor know how many vehicles fit inside your garage. The contractor can also visit your home to take the necessary measurements.

Are You Getting an Automatic or Manual Door?

You do have a choice when it comes to the way that your garage door opens and closes. While automatic options are the most popular because of the convenience they provide, manual doors are also available. If you get a manual garage door, you would need to get out of your vehicle to open the door and close it. If you plan to use your garage solely for storage space instead of parking your vehicle, you might not mind having a manual garage door. Some people do prefer a manual door because then they would not have to deal with a heavy door that relies on a motor to work.

How Do You Want It to Open?

Not all garage doors open the same way. While you may have noticed that many garage doors that open by rolling upward to the ceiling, some garage doors slide from the left to the right, and some are fully retractable. You can watch videos of the different opening options before choosing the way that you would like your new garage door to open.

If getting a garage door installed is something you need to have done, the garage door installation contractor can do that for you. The contractor will go over some important things with you beforehand, which includes asking questions to get a good feel for what you want. After you answer those questions and make your decisions, the contractor can install the garage door.

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