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Consider Nine-Foot Ceilings for These 3 Rooms in Your Custom Home

Your custom home builder will provide you with several options to consider as you plan how your future home will look and feel. One upgrade that many builders can perform is to offer nine-foot ceilings in certain rooms. In typical residences, eight-foot ceilings are the norm. For most people, ceilings of this standard height are certainly sufficient, but upgrading by adding another foot of overhead space can be highly appealing.

You don't have to opt for nine-foot ceilings in each of the rooms in your home. Instead, you can often choose the rooms in which this feature is most appealing. Here are some examples.

Master Bedroom

Many people want their master bedrooms to feel spacious and vast. While extra square footage can add to this feeling, don't overlook the value of upgrading to nine-foot ceilings. There's something that feels luxurious about this extra 12 inches of overhead space, and this addition can make your master bedroom one of your favorite rooms in the home. Higher ceilings allow you to have taller windows in this room, which can help to brighten the space and make it feel more welcoming to you and your spouse.

Living Room

The living room of your custom home is a space in which you'll not only share quality time with your family, but you'll also host gatherings for family and friends. Opting for nine-foot ceilings in this part of your custom home can be exciting because of the feeling of additional space. Large gatherings can sometimes feel cramped, but the roominess that the extra foot of ceiling space provides is desirable. You may also find that these gatherings don't seem quite as loud because of the extra space overhead.


When guests to your home step through your front door and into your entryway, they take note of the surroundings for the first time. This is a chance to wow your guests, and one way to do so is with nine-foot ceilings in the entryway. Taller ceilings help to make this important part of your home feel spacious and inviting, rather than cramped and unappealing. Even with overhead lights hanging several inches below the ceiling, your guests will still feel as though there's lots of space above them. With conventional eight-foot ceilings and hanging lights, some entryways can feel small. Your custom home builder can design your home with nine-foot ceilings in these rooms and any other rooms of your choice.

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