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3 Factors To Think About When Designing Your New Garage

If you are building a new home and a garage, be sure to think about how you want your garage constructed. When you build a new home, you don't want to overlook the personalization element of any part of the home, including the garage. This is your opportunity to build the perfect garage for you. 

Where You Want the Garage

The first thing you need to consider is the location of the garage. Do you want the garage to be attached to your home, or do you want the garage to be separate from your home? 

An attached garage allows you easy access from your home to your garage and can provide you with protection from the outside elements, from the hot sun to cold snow. Attached garages are convenient, but also can limit your ability to design the garage as you want. 

With a separate garage, you will have to walk from your garage to your home. But separate garages allow you to really build your garage up as a separate building on your property and even offer you the ability to expand your garage over time. 

The Size of the Garage

Right now, it is almost default that garages have space for at least two cars. Think about how many vehicles your family has, and where you want to store them. If you have additional recreational vehicles, such as ATV or jet skis, you may want a larger garage, such as a three- or four-car garage, so you can store your toys as well as your everyday vehicles.

Remember, your garage is not all about storing your vehicles. Your garage can also be a workspace and storage area as well. As you design your garage, create a custom storage area for overflow items and be sure to add workshop space as well if you will need it.

The Angle of the Garage Doors

For many years, it has been standard to have the garage door face directly out to the street. Since you are designing your home, you can change the angle of the garage door so that your garage doors are not such a focal point of your home if you would prefer a different approach. You can position your garage doors on the side of your home, for example, so that the doors themselves are not visible from the street view of your home. This can help make your garage area feel like a separate space and allow you a little more privacy when you have the garage doors open. 

As you build your new home with custom home builders, don't overlook the garage space. Think about where you want the garage, what size of garage you want and how you want to use the garage, and consider changing the angle of the garage, so you have a little more privacy when the garage doors are open.  

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