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Reasons You May Need To Replace Your Home's Roof

The process of having your old roof replaced can be one of the most intensive and complicated tasks that you can undertake. This makes it necessary for a homeowner to be as informed as possible about this type of project in order to successfully be able to undertake this type of improvement to your home. In particular, homeowners can often be unsure as to when they should start considering undertaking a whole roof replacement.

Extensive Rot

Water damage is one of the most common reasons for a homeowner to have their roof replaced. When a roof starts to develop rot, the amount of structural damage that can occur is extreme. In situations where the rot is not rapidly repaired, the entire roof can become unstable due to the weakening of vital support structures. While localized rot can usually be repaired fairly easily, more extensive rot will often be more efficiently repaired by replacing the roof.


A sagging roof can indicate potentially serious structural problems with it. Unfortunately, homeowners will often fail to notice the development of sagging sections of their roof due to not regularly inspecting it. The exact cause of a sagging roof can be extremely varied. Prior to having the sagging sections repaired, the entire roof should be inspected to help determine the source of the damage. Unfortunately, a roof replacement can be the only option for repairing a structure that has developed a sagging roof.

A Change Of Style

Regardless of the physical condition of the roof, many homeowners will eventually find that they simply want to have its style changed. For example, a homeowner with a standard asphalt shingle roof may wish to upgrade to a stone or metal roof. In addition to providing the home with an updated look, this can also help to improve the resale value of the home as potential buyers are likely to heavily weigh the condition and appearance of a prospective home's roof before they decide whether to buy it.

To Accommodate Other Updates To The Home

There are some updates to your home that may require either major modification to the current roof or a total replacement. One of the more common upgrades that can require this work will be the addition of a fireplace and chimney. Additionally, solar panels can increase the strain on your roof, which can make it necessary to replace or substantially reinforce the roof to accommodate the weight of these systems. Prior to making changes that impact the roof, it should be professionally inspected to determine whether it can accommodate these changes.

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