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3 Ways To Manage Water Loss In Your Commercial Space

Water is a precious commodity that business owners can take for granted. Water loss caused by leaks in your building's plumbing system are not only wasteful, they can be expensive. It's important that you are investing the time and effort required to manage water loss through proper leak detection methods.

Leak detection can help you prevent water loss and avoid the expense associated with wasted water in the future.

1. Basic Leak Detection

Experienced plumbers offer their customers access to basic leak detection. This process involves utilizing specialized equipment to help identify hidden leaks through sound. The listening device resembles a stethoscope utilized by medical professionals, but it measures the intensity of the sounds that it is picking up at any given time.

This allows your plumber to inch closer and closer to a hidden leak without requiring the demolition of any walls.

2. Leak Mapping

Another method that can be used to monitor water loss within your commercial space is leak mapping. This is a newer technology that utilizes your building's history to help identify possible leaks. In addition to allowing your plumber to identify active leaks, leak mapping will help identify problem areas where leaks may occur in the near future.

A history of each leak your building has suffered will be prepared, and this information can be used to carefully monitor your plumbing system to repair failing components before a leak occurs. Leak mapping can be a great way to take a proactive approach to water loss management and help reduce building maintenance costs over time.

3. Leak Loggers

A leak logger is a device that can be placed in your plumbing system and left for a period of time. The logger gathers data regarding the performance of your plumbing system, then creates a statistical analysis of your building's water usage.

It can be beneficial to rely on leak loggers to help you identify potential leaks when your business activities don't allow a plumber to utilize a basic leak detection device. The logger will measure the extent of the water loss in your system and help you determine if the leak is worsening.

A permanent leak logger can also be installed to provide you with an accurate snapshot of the health of your commercial plumbing system at any time.

Detecting leaks is critical in managing water loss in your commercial space. Work with your plumber to utilize a leak detection method that will work for your building. Contact a service, like Cool Air Mechanical, Inc., today.

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