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Options For Repairing Your Sidewalk When It's Cracked, Sunken, Or Stained

Maintaining the sidewalks on your property is important because cracked concrete is unsightly and dangerous. A visitor could trip on a crack and fall. Landing on concrete can cause a serious injury that you could be responsible for due to neglect of your property. A sidewalk contractor has various options for making repairs to a sidewalk. Here are some of them.

Replace The Damaged Area With New Concrete

If the damage is bad enough or if the sidewalk is old and needs to be replaced, the old concrete can be busted up with a jackhammer and replaced with new concrete. Sometimes, this is necessary if the base underneath the sidewalk is no longer stable. With concrete out of the way, a new base can be compacted to provide stability for the new concrete once it's poured. Putting in a new section of concrete or an entirely new sidewalk involves creating a compacted base, building a frame to hold the concrete, and then pouring in new concrete and waiting for it to harden.

Raise A Sunken Section Of Concrete

When the soil shifts under the sidewalk, a portion of the sidewalk can sink a little. The sunken area then holds onto rain which allows water to leak into the loose soil so it shifts more. This process can cause a portion of the sidewalk to sink and the sinking may cause cracks, but you may not need to have the sidewalk replaced in this case. A sidewalk contractor might pump foam or concrete slurry under the sidewalk to fill in the sunken soil and lift the concrete back in place. Once that's done, the crack can be filled so the surface of the sidewalk is level again. Raising concrete is not always an option, but when it is, you'll spend less money over tearing out and replacing the sidewalk.

Resurface The Concrete

One problem that happens when you just have a section of concrete replaced is that it won't match the rest of the sidewalk. New concrete is whiter than old concrete that has been exposed to the weather. One solution for this is to resurface the sidewalk. You can also have the sidewalk resurfaced if it's stained or just old and ugly but still in good shape otherwise. Resurfacing involves covering the sidewalk with a resurfacing cement overlay that makes the sidewalk look bright and new. The new top layer will hide stains and small imperfections while giving your sidewalk a uniform color and appearance.

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