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Should You Buy Gutters Made From Vinyl?

When the time comes to replace the gutters on your home, you may find yourself browsing various pamphlets and wondering which material to choose. There are more types of gutters than ever before -- from vinyl to aluminum to copper. Many homeowners go with vinyl because it's readily available and comparatively inexpensive. Here are a few pros and cons to consider if you are thinking of going with vinyl gutters.

Pro: Vinyl gutters do not rust.

You've probably seen rusty gutters on a home before. Not only do they look unsightly, but the rust can trickle down onto the siding, leaving ugly streaks that are tough to scrub away even after the gutters are replaced. This is not an issue with vinyl gutters since they do not rust. 

Pro: Vinyl gutters don't have sharp edges.

If you have children or even pets who play in your yard, you may worry about the sharp edges often seen on gutter downspouts. This is primarily a problem with steel and aluminum gutters. Vinyl gutters tend to have capped edges that won't harm anyone, making them a safer bet when you have children.

Pro: Vinyl gutters come in many colors.

Do you want flashy magenta gutters or a unique shade of forest green? Vinyl can be dyed any color you want, and the best part is that the color won't wear off. It extends all of the ways through the vinyl material, rather than being painted on the surface as with metal gutters. You won't get patchy, ugly-looking gutters as they age; the color will remain.

Con: Vinyl can be fragile.

As it ages, vinyl can sometimes get a bit fragile. This is especially an issue in really hot areas where the vinyl is exposed to high temperatures day after day. The fragile vinyl may crack if a tree branch hits it, and then you'll have a leaky gutter. So vinyl gutters are not the smartest choice if you have any trees hanging over your roof or think your gutters may otherwise be bumped by something.

Con: Vinyl gutters may sag.

You'll need to be vigilant about cleaning out your vinyl gutters every couple of months. If you forget, and debris accumulates in the gutter, the gutter may start to sag, and then it won't drain properly. Installing gutter guards can reduce the frequency at which you must clean the gutters, but you will still need to clean them.

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