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3 DIY Projects You Can Do In The Yard Using Ready-Mix Concrete

Want to improve the look and feel of your yard? All you need is some ready-mix concrete and a few interesting ideas to get the ball rolling. Here are three DIY projects you can get done in the yard with the help of ready-mix concrete.

1. Make a New Bird Bath

Making a new bath for the wild birds to enjoy while spending time in your yard is easy to do with the help of ready mix concrete. A concrete bird bath should hold up well to extreme weather elements throughout the year and wont' break down or rot like wooden bird baths can. You can still build your bird bath out of wood and then cover the bird bath with prepared ready mix concrete in thin layers, letting each layer dry for a few hours between applications. 

Once you've achieved the thickness you want, let the bird bath dry for a day or so before filling it with water for the birds. You can also combine your ready mix concrete and various items around the house like garbage cans and bowls to create a custom bird bath for your yard.

2. Design Some Garden Steps

Garden steps can help keep peoples' shoes clean and minimize their impact on the grass, soil, and landscape features while walking around your yard. Ready-mix concrete can be used to form small square steps that you can carry around and place wherever you want in your yard. Create a fun maze throughout the gardens, surround your property with steps, or just make stepping stones that lead from the back door to the food plants.

Start by creating square concrete forms using 1x1 inch lumber. You'll need for pieces of lumber for each form you want to make, but the forms can be reused, so you only have to make a few to work with throughout your project. Cut your lumber to size depending on the dimensions you'd like your square steps to be. Once they are cut, you can nail the ends of the lumber together to form a square shape.

After few forms, place them on a flat surface then fill them with prepared ready-mix concrete. Let the steps dry for about a day protected from rain before releasing them from their forms. Once dried and out of their forms, you can put the steps anywhere you want in the yard. Then make more steps using your forms until you have as many as you need.

3. Create A Family Memorial

A fun project the whole household can do together in the yard using ready-mix concrete is to create a family memorial. Just build a concrete slab somewhere in the yard such as in the corner of your property, near the back of the house, or right in the middle of the garden. After the concrete has dried for a couple of hours but before it's dried completely, have the family use some tools to write and draw in the concrete.

Butter knives, straws, spoons, screwdrivers, and even paintbrushes can help you and your family create a beautiful memorial that won't soon be forgotten. Consider using stencils to create designs like flowers and hearts in the concrete. Everyone should sign their names before finishing the project ā€“ don't forget to date it! After the finishing touches have been put in place, let the concrete dry all the way and then seal it with a clear commercial sealant.

For more information on concrete supplies, contact your local home improvement center.

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