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Painting Your Home: DIY Or Hire Pros?

Painting is one of most popular DIY jobs. It can be a great family project because the labor is relatively easy, the supplies are cheap, there isn't too much heavy lifting, and the work is not too technical. That being said, painting is no walk in the park. It can be very time consuming and messy, and certain aspects of the job require attention to detail. This article explains the drawbacks and advantages of both DIY paint jobs and professional paint jobs.

Doing the Work Yourself

Most people who choose to handle their own paint job will be motivated by the fact that it can save them a lot of money. However, in order to finish your job in a practical matter of time, you need a few people helping out. Painting is time consuming if you don't streamline the process with some capable helpers. Masking off and prepping your rooms to be painted is often the most time-consuming part of the entire job. It is also vital to a good paint job because the lines are dependent on the tape. If you don't take your time taping off your walls, your lines will be sloppy and uneven.

The process of taping off the edges is definitely work that needs to be done by capable hands. You need to be able to visibly eye the lines and apply the tape, pushing it down firmly. Actually rolling the paint onto your walls is work that can be done by the less experienced helpers. The main advantage of doing all the painting yourself is that it is much cheaper, but the end result will not be as good if you don't take your time and paint with care.

Hiring Pros

The best thing about hiring pros--like Thompson Painting--for the job is that you don't have to deal with the headache of it all. You can basically vacate your home for a couple of days while a professional crew handles the entire project. Or, you can schedule the work to be done room by room so you can still live comfortably in your home while the project is being completed. The only downsides are really the cost and the lack of privacy as you may have to vacate well-used areas of the house during painting. Make sure the crew you hire is working under a paint contractor's license so you don't have any insurance issues. This is also the best way to make sure they are capable of completing your project and leaving behind a professional-looking paint job. 

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