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3 Awesomely Artful Rain Barrel Makeover Projects

Rain barrels are a valuable addition to your home that help conserve water, but they also can be an unsightly addition to the landscape around your home. If you are tired of looking at that old worn and tattered rain barrel, consider some of these artful makeovers to make your rain collection system a little more attractive.

1. Artistic Painting to Bring Dull Rain Barrels to Life

The most creative, affordable and easiest way to makeover your rain barrel is to paint it. Depending on your skill level when it comes to art, you can do intricate landscapes or simple designs using stencils. Try mixing colors to create a textured visual effect, which will make the rain barrel less noticeable. Stencils can be used to combine different shapes for your design as well.

To make the barrel inconspicuous, paint a base color that is the same as the backdrop for the area of your home where the barrel will be less noticeable. Brick, for example, is usually red and painting your barrel in the same radish tone to match masonry will make it less visible from afar.

2. Mask Your Rain Barrels with Living Designs Using Plants

Using green cover to hide your rain barrel is another great way to make it more attractive. Wire-mesh can be used to create a shape around the barrel that can give it an artistic form. For structural support of your rain barrel sculpture, use rebar to support the wire mesh. Plant around the barrel with evergreen vines, shrubs and climbing plants. Use faster growing plants to quickly cover the barrel with foliage. Make sure you leave an access port for the inlets and outlets of the barrel behind the sculpture.

3. Creative Enclosures That Make Rain Barrels a Little Less Unsightly

Another way to give your rain collection barrels an attractive makeover is to build an enclosure around them. Using fencing materials, you can build simple custom enclosures that make your rain barrel a little more attractive. Use fencing posts and prefabricated panels of lattice to complete the project in a day. One of the sides of the enclosure will also need to have hinges and a latch to give you access to the barrel. Enclosures are also good if you plan on adding features like pumps and filters to your rain barrel, but you will need to allow extra space for any additional equipment in the enclosure.

These are just a few awesome ideas to start brainstorming how to give your rain barrels an attractive makeover. If you do not have rain barrels, contact a supplier to get barrels and start turning them into works of art. For more information, contact a business such as Paul Clark Construction.

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