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3 Not-So-Obvious Benefits Of Building A Home On Stilts In A Flood Zone

If you live in a coastal area or otherwise live in a flood zone, you might be thinking of building your home on stilts. Obviously, this can be a good way to protect your home from flood water, but you might not realize that there are other benefits that aren't quite so obvious. These are a few other reasons why it can be a good thing to elevate your house.

1. Maximize Use of Your Yard

If you do not have a lot of room in your yard, putting your home on stilts can allow you to maximize your space. Then, you can use the area underneath as a makeshift carport for parking your vehicles, or you can use it to set up patio furniture so that you can relax in a cool, shady area. You could even use it to build a nice garden that is filled with shade-loving plants. It's a wonderful way to give yourself a little more space on a small lot.

2. Keep Vermin Out

Many homeowners worry about mice, rats and other vermin becoming a problem in their homes. One good thing about having your home on stilts is that it's more difficult for vermin to get to your home. This can help save you a lot of pest control problems and all of the damage that can go along with a vermin infestation.

3. Reduce Your Homeowners Insurance

If you live in a flood zone, one thing that you have to worry about is the cost of your homeowners insurance. A lot of people worry about how much they have to pay for homeowners insurance, but it can be a real concern for someone who lives in a flood zone. By putting your home on stilts, however, you might be able to lower your homeowners insurance costs. This is because your insurance company will know that your home will be at much less of a risk of being damaged in a flood, so there is much less of a risk that they will have to pay out for flood-related damage.

As you can see, not only can it be beneficial to build your home on stilts to prevent flooding inside the home, but it can be beneficial for other reasons as well. If you work with a professional who is experienced in this type of building, you can find out more about this type of project and its many benefits. Click here for additional reading about protecting your home from flooding.

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