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Hot Tub Control Repair

The hot tub is one of the more useful and comfortable signs of a classy, well-paid lifestyle. As a sign of luxury, it needs to be kept as clean and free of visible damage as possible. As both a relaxation station and a possible cleaning area, you need to have all of the required bathtub functions along with a few specific hot tub features such as water jets and bubbles from aerators. To make sure you're not stuck in a hot tub failure nightmare, here are a few repair points for the controls that make most hot tubs stand out from the rest.

Feature Clogging And Damage

Hot tubs are more than large bathtubs. They often come with additional features such as water jets that add massaging pressure or relaxing water movement, or aerator nozzles that create bubbles for a safe, tingling sensation in the water. 

Each feature is an air pressure or filtered water pressure system that is separate from the normal water line. These features are managed with controls, and often have electrical components in the form of an electrical switch that handles a simple on and off function. The more complex hot tubs will have touch pads that include a computerized control sequence.

These controls are installed in waterproof areas and are not a major electrical injury risk because of their location, but they can fail if not installed correctly. If you managed to pick up a faulty spa that wasn't functioning perfectly after installation, you may have received a system with switches that weren't completely set in their connections. This can lead to quick electrical burnouts because of sparking.

Control Type Repairs

Simple single throw or double throw switches are the easiest to install. Single throw switches are simple on and off switches, while double throw switches allow switching between two speeds. They should pop right in place, but a hot tub repair professional can handle the installation if you're not comfortable or if there is visible corrosion. You need to replace the entire connection area, as cleaning off corrosion removes metal and creates another incomplete connection.

Control panels are more difficult to repair. Although some large control panels are actually multiple throw switches combined into a big pod, many computerized control panels that handle temperatures and specific number/dial/bar inputs for intensity require a few different wire connections.

You'll need to make sure that the new control panel is fully functional before installation, just to make sure you're not dealing with a dud that needs to be yanked out and sent back ahead of time. Repair professionals can check the units before installing, or with a few basic connections before closing up the hot tub.

Contact a hot tub repair professional, such as those found at Kaupas Water, to have a look at different brands, better systems to fit your bathroom, or spa-sized hot tub repair contracts for growing businesses.

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