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Need To Sealcoat Your Parking Lot? Your Top 3 Material Options

If you need to sealcoat your parking lot, it is important to realize that there are three primary materials that are used to sealcoat parking lots, and you can choose between these three different materials in order to find the best one for your business purposes.

#1 Asphalt Emulsions

If you are looking to protect your parking lot while spending the least amount of money possible, a seal coat that is made out of asphalt emulsions is most likely the best choice for you. This type of seal coating material is generally extremely affordable. Additionally, it has a very light smell to it and should cure quickly, reducing the amount of time that you have to keep your parking lot out of commission.

The main ingredient in asphalt emulsion is crude oil, although it also contains a variety of others chemicals as well. The biggest downside to using asphalt emulsion seal coating on your parking lot is that it gets quickly eroded when exposed to salt as well as oil and gas, so if you live somewhere with lots of leaking cars or snow, this may not be the best long-term investment.

#2 Coal Tar

Coal tar is another material option for seal coating your parking lot. It can cost a little more than asphalt emulsion seal coating job, but is generally still relatively affordable. The big downside to coal tar as a seal coating material is that it has a really strong odor that is really strong when the seal coating is first applied and can linger for a while, even after it has cured.

The biggest upside to using coal tar as your sealcoating material is that it is really strong. It can withstand the wear and tear of a really busy parking lot, including the use of salt to clear away ice and snow from your parking lot.

#3 Acrylics

The third and least commonly used seal coating material is acrylics. With an acrylic seal coating, you can have a colored parking lot. For example, if you want your parking lot to all be yellow or red or any other unique color, you can achieve this with acrylic seal coating layer.

This will give your parking lot a very unique look, but it will cost you. You will also have to find a concrete contractor that specializes in acrylic sealcoating, as this is not a material that all concrete contractors carry or use. 

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