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Understanding Double Glazed Windows And How They Can Help You

If you need to have new windows installed in your home, then you want to pick the best window options for your house. While this does mean that you need to look closely at style, energy efficiency, and solar heat gain ratings, you also need to understand some of the more basic terms that a window expert may throw out at you. One of these terms is "double glazed." This is a confusing term for many individuals. Keep reading to learn what it means and also how to figure out if you need double glazed windows or not.

What Does Double Glazed Mean?

Glazing is a term that refers to the panes of glass used to create windows. The term simply means window, and double glazed means that two panes of glass that make up a window. While the term glazing makes it seem like the glass is covered with a special coating of material or a protective seal, this is not the case. While some double glazed windows can be created with a UV protective film, this is not a standard feature. 

Double glazed windows are sometimes referred to as double-pane windows and this often helps to reduce confusion. The windows feature two distinctive panes of glass that are set next to one another. In between the glass sits an open space filled with a pocket of gas. This gas is typically argon or krypton and it creates insulation. The insulation helps to reduce thermal heat gain and loss issues in the home. 

Do You Need Double Glazed Windows?

If you have looked over your window options, then you may have noticed that double glazed windows are a good deal more expensive than single pane windows. A single double glazed window is likely to cost over $500 in some cases. If you decide on one that is framed in wood, then this can double the cost of the window.

While this cost may seem great, it is often wise to choose the windows if you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures. The insulated ability of the windows can help to keep cool air conditioned air in the home during the summer and warm air inside the house during the winter. This helps to reduce energy costs and it also keeps your home comfortable for longer. Double glazed windows also help to reduce draft issues if you live in a high wind area.

The insulating ability of the replacement windows can help to reduce noise as well. If you live in a city, along a highway, or if you have loud neighbors, then this can assist with sealing your home from the sounds. 

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