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Easy DIY Water Features To Give Your Pool Area Custom Features With A Personal Touch

Water features around pools provide many benefits to outdoor spaces. You may think that an investment in waterfalls, fountains and flowing streams are only for appearance, but they do much more. There are also ways to build your own water features to give your pool a custom personalized look, and they will help reduce noise pollution, circulate water and provide natural spaces. Here are some easy DIY water features that will improve your pool area this summer:

1. Simple Waterfalls That Keep Water Flowing and The Pests Away

Waterfalls are great features to give your pool a custom design. There are simple waterfalls that can be installed at the pools edge, and create an attractive addition to your pool. To improve the filtration, make sure that waterfalls direct water towards skimmers. These features will also help keep the surface of water flowing, which prevents insects from getting in the water and causing it to become dirty.

2. Integrating A Fish Pond into A Natural Pool Design for Cleaner Water

If you have a natural pool design and filtration, the water features are part of the filtration of the complete system. The filtration is done with wildlife like plants, as well as sand and rock filtration. Adding a fish pond is a great way to improve the filtration of natural pools. Not only will the fish add attractive colors, but they also help keep the water clean. Fish like koi will grow large and eat algae, as well as other aquatic growth that cause water quality problems in natural pools.

3. Adding a Pool Fountain for Water Circulation with An Attractive Center Piece

Pool fountains are one of the most affordable options you have for a pool water feature. There are simple fountains that use batteries and float in the center of your pool, as well as designs that you can connect to pool outlets. Use an outlet fitting to make your own fountain design out of PVC and other pipe materials. To disguise the plumbing, paint the parts the same color as the pool surface.

4. Natural Features with Rock Gardens, Streams and Cascades

You may also want to add natural features to your pool. If you want your pool to blend in with the landscaping, consider features like rock gardens with flowing streams and cascading waterfalls. Natural water feature designs can be fun to do with materials like rock you have available around your home or you can even make your own synthetic stones.

If you want to have the perfect space to relax by the pool, water features are a great way to give your pool exactly what it needs. Contact a plumbing supply service and talk with them about helping you with planning your water features and what you will need to complete them. 

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