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4 Signs A Tree In Your Yard Is Dying And Needs To Be Removed

Trees are a big part of many landscape designs, and they can add a lot to the visual appeal of a yard. But if you have a tree that is dead or dying, one of the best things that you can do is contact a tree removal service to have the tree completely removed. Some common signs that a tree is dying and may need to be removed include:

Damage to the Trunk

A tree's trunk can tell you a lot about a tree's overall health. Large cracks and fissures in the trunk often mean that the tree is experiencing severe problems and may be dying. It is also a good idea to pay attention to the bark on the trunk of a tree. In a healthy tree, old bark will eventually fall off and be replaced by new bark. If your tree has areas on the trunk where the bark has fallen off, but no new bark has grown in, it is usually a sign that your tree has major health problems and may not live much longer.

Lack of Leaves on the Branches

While many trees do not have leaves during the fall and winter months, a lack of leaves on the branches during the spring and summer is a major red flag that the tree may be dying. If you notice that only one side of a tree has bare, brittle branches, it often means that the tree is experiencing extreme root and trunk damage. In many cases, if a tree can no longer grow leaves on its branches, it is probably close to death and needs to be removed.

Root Problems

A tree's root system is essential to good health and survival. While you can't visually see a tree's root system, it can provide signs that there are major problems. One symptom of major root problems is a tree that suddenly begins leaning towards one side when it used to be straight. Small branches sprouting from the bottom of the base of the trunk is another common sign that something is wrong with the tree's root system.

Presence of Fungus

Fungus thrives by living on rotting and decaying organic material. If you notice that mushrooms or other types of fungus are growing at the base of a tree or on its trunk, this means that the interior of the tree is rotting. It is in your best interest to remove a tree that has fungus present before it completely dies. 

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