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3 Awesome Ways Shipping Containers Are Modified That'll Have You Taking Second Look

In a shipyard or lined up outside of a warehouse, these containers look like mere metal shells, plain and boring. However, in the hands of someone with a little creative ingenuity, a shipping container evolves into something totally interesting and functional. If you have ever passed on the chance to get a shipping container to place on your residential property, such as from Jenshau LLC, there's a good chance these ideas will have you with a new outlook. 

Multi-Room Storage Units

Divide the inside of a storage container into sections with basic plywood walls and add a door to each section along the side and you have a multi-room, multi purpose storage container with individual access. This is a great option if you are adamant about keeping your outdoor items organized or if you need storage for more than one person. You can easily get three or four different storage rooms about the size of large closets out of one large shipping container. This storage trailer could easily be positioned out behind your garage or somewhere else on your property for easy access. 

Basic Hunting Cabin

If there is a section of your property where you like to hunt, having a hunting cabin is a hunter's dream come true. With the investment in a shipping container, you can have the basic hunting cabin situated just about anywhere you want it to be. The inside can be modified with windows, cabinetry, and even a few bunks if you often hunt overnight. Plus, you can easily  alter the outside of the container with wooden siding or camouflage to give it a more incognito appearance. As an added bonus, going this route to obtaining a hunting cabin means less time on construction, so you can enjoy your new getaway almost immediately. 

Tiny Home

If you are all about the latest movement in efficient living and small home space, shipping containers can actually be converted into tiny homes with a few modifications. The typical floor space of a shipping container is just the right size for tiny house living and the units can be stacked and conjoined if you want to go a little bigger. Electricity, plumbing, carpet, and all those other home features are an easy addition to storage or shipping containers. With the basic home structure already on place, converting a shipping container into a tiny home is also cost efficient, so you get a tiny home for a lot less money.

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