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How To Add A Weather Strip To A Double-Hung Window

With fall just starting, now is a great time to prepare your home for cooler weather and make it more weather-proof. A great way to weather proof your home and make sure that the warm air you are heating your home with is not escaping outside is by adding weather stripping. Here is what you need to do in order to add weather stripping to each window in your home.


To weather-proof your home you'll want to purchase a roll of self-adhesive foam insulation and a few strips of v-channel weather stripping. You are also going to need access to a tape measure, utility knife, hammer, and finishing nails.

Before you purchase the self-adhesive foam insulation and v-channel weather strips, you'll want to measure the space inside of your windows running up and down to figure out the total number of feet of material that you'll need to purchase. Add a couple of extra feet onto the number that you come up with so that you have some room to work with.

Preparing The Window

The first thing you are going to want to do is clean the bottom of your window where it closes and meets the frame as well as the side area of your windows where they slide up and down.

All you need to clean this area is a soapy wet rag. Wipe down the bottom, top, and sides, rinse the rag, and reuse it on your next window.

Putting On The Weather Stripping Foam

Once the window is clean, you are going to want to put the foam weather stripping on first. This will go across both the bottom and top of your window. Measure the length across the top and bottom of your window and use the utility knife to cut the weather stripping foam down to size. Then, take the foam and remove the adhesive backing and push it onto the bottom of your window where it closes and at the top of your window as well.

Putting On The V-Channel

Now it is time to apply the v-channel stripping along the left and right side of your window where the window slides up and down. Once again, measure this area and cut the v-channel stripping down to size, one for each side of the window.

Take the v-channel and wedge it in between the jamb and sash on the side of the window. You'll need to use a little force to get it in place as you should encounter a little resistance since this is designed to be a tight fit.

If any of the stripping you attached feels loose, secure it with some finishing nails. This step is only necessary if the stripping is not securely attached. Repeat this process with each double hung window in your home.

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