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No More Eyesore: Make Your Hot Tub Fit In With Your Yard

A hot tub or spa in your backyard is a great way to turn the space outside your home into a relaxing escape; it offers the opportunity to unwind after a long day at work, an excuse to spend more time outdoors, a chance to splash around with your children, or just something nice to do over a long weekend. However, chances are that an above-ground hot tub doesn't seamlessly fit in with the rest of your outdoor decor, and it could make the yard look like anything but an escape. Read on to find out how you can include a relaxing hot tub in your yard while maintaining the beauty of your outdoor space.

Integrate it into your deck

Many people build a deck around an above-ground pool to improve the look but don't think to do the same with a hot tub or spa. If you've already got a raised deck out your backdoor, a few framing modifications can make for an ideal place to hide or integrate your hot tub. If concealing the spa in the deck won't work for you, you can also reinforce the deck and have the hot tub sit on the deck itself. If you choose to have the hot tub sitting on your deck, you can still integrate it by matching the stain on your deck to the color of the faux-wood siding on your hot tub. 

If you don't already have a deck, you can use some of the suggestions below to find the perfect place for your hot tub and build a hot tub deck that you can still stain to match your hot tub that will look great.

Hide the sides

The thing that makes a hot tub stand out in most outdoor spaces is that the sides don't match anything else in the yard. One way to combat this is to simply hide the sides as much as possible. To do this, look for a corner in your landscaping or against a fence where you can place the hot tub to conceal two of the sides. On the side left most visible, consider building hot tub steps that match the rest of your outdoor space--use pieces like pavers, stone, or wood that already appear elsewhere in your landscaping. Conceal the final side with a small wall, landscape stones, or a second set of of steps.

Embrace it

Instead of trying to make your hot tub look like your landscaping, you can design some of your landscaping around your hot tub--make it the crown jewel of your backyard. There are many different ways to create an outdoor oasis with your hot tub at the center; consider what would work best for your outdoor space. You can put up a pergola, gazebo, canopy, or even a large patio umbrella to provide some tasteful shade over the hot tub. Clearly define the hot tub space with a hedge, flowers, or other garden features around the edges of the deck or pad and add a water feature or fountain to enhance the ambiance. A path of bricks, pavers, or stones will do a nice job of drawing the eye to your new oasis.

Having a hot tub throw off the aesthetic of your backyard is anything but relaxing, but with a little bit of planning and modification, your outdoor space can become a relaxing oasis both to look at and to spend time in. Talk to your local hot tub and spa specialist to see about getting a hot tub for your backyard and for more ideas on how to integrate it into your outdoor landscape. For more information about local spa services, check out sites like

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