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How To Accessorize Your Bathroom With Photographs

Renovating your bathroom can be an exciting time. While the contractors will take care of everything from building custom cabinets and installing new bathroom fixtures and hardware, the job isn't done until you accessorize the room. If you are an amateur photographer with more prints than you know what to do with, your new bathroom provides an excellent opportunity to use your photography to enhance the room.

Framing Options

Traditional photo frames can be used for your photos, but you may want to consider other options while you have the services of a professional contractor to help you out.

  • Molding: Tie your new bathroom together with photo frames made from decorative molding. Your contractor can design and make these frames using molding that matches or complements the cabinets and molding in the room. Crown molding frames will add elegance to any wall and will set off your photography in style.
  • Window Frames: If you have a blank wall in your bathroom, consider using window frames to show off a group of photos. Use multi-pane or divided light windows with a variety of photos behind each pane, or enlarge a photo to slip behind the entire frame to give the illusion of a beautiful view out the window.
  • Custom Made Photo Displays: Talk to your contractor about adding a built-in display area for your photos. He can design and build a display for you that shows off your photos and art work in style. These typically give the illusion of shadow boxes, and because they are built into the wall, they also don't rob your bathroom of space.

Theme Ideas

Displaying your photography in the bathroom may seem odd at first, but there are many themes that work well for accessorizing your bathroom. Consider these themes:

  • Sun and Surf: This theme includes everything from traditional nautical décor to ocean or beach scenes. If you are into shooting sunrises and sunsets at the beach or just enjoy capturing striking images of the ocean waves, your photography will work well in the bathroom. Pair them with seafoam walls and crisp white frames to set off the colors of the sun and surf.
  • Flowers: Flowers are a common theme for bathrooms and can add interest to your walls. Consider painting the bathroom walls a pale lilac and using earthy green matting in your picture frames. This pairs well with the lilac while bringing out the colors in your flower photography.
  • Nature: For an earthy feel, try using nature photography that bring out the colors of the earth. Delicate ferns, dewdrops in the sun, snow laden trees or mossy glens will create a calming effect in your bathroom.
  • Whimsical: If you prefer a more playful feel to your bathroom décor, don't be afraid of using whimsical images to adorn the walls. Photos of tiny fairy houses, hot air balloons or bright birdhouses with add an uplifting effect to your bathroom.
  • Inspirational: Try adding inspirational photos in the bathroom to help start your day on a positive note. You might include photos or family or friends doing things they love, shots of a starry night or simply objects you love. Pet pictures can start your day with a smile. Choose the subjects that inspire you.

Taking advantage of your newly renovated bathroom to display your cherished photos makes perfect sense and establishes your personal sense of style. Not only will you be putting your photos to good use, but family and guests will get to appreciate them too. Tie them together with a unifying theme and you are sure to get compliments on your new bathroom décor.

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