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Extras to Consider Getting When You Order Your New Kitchen Cabinets

Deciding to remodel your kitchen can be both exciting and costly, and you will have a lot of decisions to make. One of the main decisions involves the cabinets you would like for your new kitchen. Not only will you have to choose a type and style, but there will be a lot of extras you can decide to add to your cabinets. Each extra you choose will increase the costs of your cabinets, but they can make the cabinets look nicer and function better. Here are just some of the options you will have.


Glazing is something that you can do to cabinets yourself, and a lot of people do this themselves when they are looking for a cost-effective way to make their old cabinets look nicer. Glazing involves applying a thin coat of paint or stain to all the nooks and crevices of the cabinet doors. This process is something you can pay extra to have done to your cabinets, but it may cost around $5.61 to $14.54 per square foot depending on where you live.

Cabinets that are glazed often have a rustic or contrasted look to them. The glazing material used makes the cabinets look two toned or worn, and this is a great way to dress up all types of cabinets. If you choose light-colored cabinets, the glazing will be dark. If you choose dark-colored cabinets, the glazing should be light in color.

Self-Closing Features

You can now purchase cabinets and drawers with self-closing features. For cabinet doors, a special hinge is added to the doors that will cause a cabinet door to shut all the way if it is left open. Not only can this feature help your kitchen stay neater-looking, but these hinges also reduce the amount of noise you hear when cabinet doors close. In addition, these hinges can come in handy when you are cooking and are trying to avoid getting messy hands on your cabinets. You can also choose this feature for your cabinet drawers.

Even if you decide not to get these features right away, they are something you can add to your cabinets at a later date.

Organizational Add-Ons

If you want to be able to keep your kitchen really tidy, adding organizational extras might be a worthwhile decision to make. There are dozens of add-ons you can choose for this particular purpose, and here are some of the must-haves:

  • Drawer slides—A drawer slide is a device you can have inside a cabinet. The slide is a container that pulls out, allowing you to have more access to the things inside your cabinet. For example, if you place one of these in the cabinet you will use for pots and pans, you will have an easy way to find the pan you are looking for, because the pans will be set on a drawer that slides out.
  • Built-in garbage can—A lot of kitchens now have a special cabinet that holds a garbage can. This is a great idea if you do not want your garbage can visible in your kitchen.
  • Swing-out devices—You can also place swing-out devices in cabinets, and these are great for holding small or thin items. They are normally attached to the inner side of the cabinet doors, and they can be used to hold spices, kitchen tools, or other small kitchen necessities.

If you want to have a kitchen that functions well and looks great, you may want to start shopping for your cabinets now. As you do this, be sure to look at all the newer features available for kitchen cabinets. To learn more, contact a contractor that offers kitchen remodeling services, such as Sierra Remodeling & Home Builders Inc

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