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5 Ways To Infuse Emojis Into Custom Work Safety Signs

The emoji has moved well beyond just expressing yourself text message. The small symbols feature people, faces and body parts and capture various emotions. Not only are they fun to to use and send to people, but they can clearly get a message across without using any words. This can be very beneficial in the work force. If you're looking to create new safety signs for your company, then emoji symbols can help with the effectiveness of a sign and conveying a specific message. When creating custom signs, it's important to use royalty-free emoji symbols that are not bonded to copyrights.  Browse through the following five ways use can effectively use emoji symbols in work safety signs all throughout your business.

Directional Safety

A large collection of emoji symbols feature hand directions. This includes fingers pointing down or to multiple sides or a flat palm signaling to stop. Using these simple symbols can make it a lot easier to pair with safety signs. For example, if people must turn right through a warehouse setting, then you can use the right pointing emoji with the text "Turn Right." The text and symbol complement each other to create an easy-to-read sign.

Along with fingers, general arrow emoji symbols can be used on a directional safety sign. This includes more advanced arrows like a looping arrow design and a curved arrow to represent corners.

Dangerous Areas

Work safety signs are important for highlighting dangerous areas of a business or warehouse. Along with danger text and messages, a number of emoji symbols can help get these messages across. For example, if your business has any mandatory hard hat areas, then you can use an emoji symbol with a person wearing a hard hat. It's simple and will showcase exactly what employees need to do.

Other emoji symbols like a fire or no entry sign can be used to represent various areas. By determining the type of area that you need a sign in, you can have an effective sign printed.

Electrical Safety

A number of electrical elements can feature safety signs that make use out of emoji symbols. For example, a lightning symbol can represent the danger of electrical shock. An outlet symbol can showcase the use of active electronics. An explosion or collision symbol can be used to showcase the danger of tampering with electrical components.

Other emoji symbols that can warn of danger include exclamation points, a scared smiley face, or a face wearing a safety hat.

Vehicle Safety

Parking lots or open warehouses may be filled with vehicles each day. Various safety signs including traffic crossing, compact car parking, or banned vehicles can all be represented using emoji symbols along with text. For example, there are multiple emoji symbols featuring a compact car. One of these symbols can be placed in the center of the sign to properly convey the message.

If your business accepts deliveries, there are multiple symbols that feature a delivery truck. This will help draw the attention of trucks as they arrive at your business. It can head them in the right direction.

Bathroom Safety

Add extra safety and precautions to your bathroom with emoji symbols on the safety signs. A running faucet symbol can be used with a message to remind employees to wash their hands. Wet floor symbols can be represented with water drops or puddle symbols.

Emergency stations in the bathroom can also be labeled with safety signs using symbols. For example, if you have an emergency chemical shower, then a shower emoji can be used as the focal point of the sign.

As you design various safety signs, it's a good idea to stick with just one symbol on each sign. Multiple symbols can be distracting and take away from the impact of the sign. For more information or to plan your signs, speak with a local signage company or go to this website

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