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4 Decorative Gifts Ideal For Puzzle Lovers

Puzzle building is a classic hobby that has been passed down through generations and is still just as popular today. The unique shapes and strategy of building a puzzle brings a lot of interest from those who truly enjoy it. If you have a puzzle lover in your life, then you likely gift them with a puzzle for special occasions like birthdays and holidays. Take things one step further by purchasing decorative gifts with a puzzle theme attached to them. The following four gifts are ideal for puzzle lovers and allows them to showcase their love for puzzles throughout the home.

Custom Picture Puzzles

Instead of purchasing a pre-made puzzle design, you have the ability to order custom puzzles using your own pictures. Creating a custom puzzle is a great personal gift to give a loved one. Not only can a person put the puzzle together, but they can display it afterwards in a frame or mount it directly to a matte. When choosing the custom puzzle design, you can select how many pieces the puzzle will be add, the shape of the puzzle, and the exact crop of the image. If you're looking to make the puzzle more challenging, you can choose a collage of images for the puzzle design. Not only will this make it harder to build, but it can create a beautiful display with more images to enjoy viewing.

Custom Glass Coffee Table

Once a puzzle is completed, your loved one can show off their hard work by putting it on display in the home. Instead of leaving the puzzle out in the open, the pieces and designs can be protected underneath a thick layer of glass. By ordering a custom piece of glass, you can have a unique design that is large enough to fit over puzzles. If a person already has a special puzzle-building table, then you can measure the table-top and order a piece of glass to go over the top. The glass can be slid on and off while the puzzle is being built and once it is completed. When a person is done building for the day, the glass can protect pieces from falling off or getting lost.

When choosing custom glass designs, you have a number of options. A tempered glass offers a protective coating that prevents the glass from breaking into sharp shards or pieces. If the glass is accidentally hit, it will break into tiny pieces that are easy to clean up. Rounded edges on the glass will make it easy to lift on and off the table when the puzzle is being displayed. Glass with low-iron will offer clear visuals of the puzzle that allows all of the designs and colors to shine through.

Puzzle Piece Pillows

Add a nice couch or bed decoration for you loved one's home with the purchase of puzzle piece pillows. These small throw pillows are in the shape of puzzle pieces and can often connect together to make one large pillow. You can select from numerous color designs that will help match the decor of the house. These fun pillow designs are also great for porch areas, game rooms, or small reading nooks.

Puzzle Piece Wall Decorations

The iconic look of a puzzle piece has been used in numerous types of wall decorations and designs. As you shop for decorations, one of the main you will find are puzzle decals. These walls decals come in a set and allow a person to set them up on a wall in any pattern that they choose. Puzzle lamps often feature piece designs in the base of the lamp or the lamp shade. For example, a table lamp may feature cut out puzzle pieces that illuminate on the walls when the lamp is lit up. This can create a cool visual effect at night.

Talk with your loved one to get a good idea of the decorative gift that they would like the most. This can help you select something that is meaningful and will last for years to come.

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