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Kitchen Entertaining: 4 Ways To Maximize Space For Guests

The kitchen is not only a great place to cook meals, but it offers a nice sense of community and gathering for family and friends. When you want to entertain in your kitchen, it's important to be aware of the space that's available for your guests. By maximizing the space in your kitchen, you can create a comforting place for people to socialize, relax, and enjoy the company. There are four specific ways to maximize the space in your kitchen. Each method can offer more room to roam and entertain all your family and friends.

Rolling Islands

Islands are a great center point in kitchens. They offer nice ways to prepare or serve foods. But when a lot of people are in the kitchen, the island can act as an obstacle for people to walk around. By purchasing a rolling island, you have the ability to maneuver the island around the kitchen while still having access to the top and storage compartments on the inside. When guests are coming over, you can roll the island to the corner of the kitchen and really open up the extra space. A number of rolling islands feature wheel locks so they can stay in a specific position once you have moved it there.

French Patio Doors

One of the best ways to maximize the space in your kitchen is to give it an open feeling with a lot of sunlight. Increase the sunlight and open space in your kitchen with the installation of French patio doors. The doors feature glass panels from top to bottom, allowing sunlight to naturally flow in your kitchen. When entertaining during warmer months, you can open the doors outward and create a real open feeling for your guests. If the doors lead out to a patio, it's a great way to entertain in both areas at the same time. By opening outward, the doors can save space within the kitchen, giving you more room for storage or seating.

Wall Racks

Bulky kitchen items can take up a lot of space on counters, tables, and other areas. When guests are at the home, all of these items can make it feel really overcrowded. Keep all of your kitchen accessories organized and your counters clutter-free by installing wall racks. When hung above head level, the space in the room is really opened up. Racks can be purchased for a variety of kitchen tools and accessories. Pots, pans, and cooking tools can all be hung up on racks. You can also have a special rack for your collection of coffee mugs. Hang the racks in locations that are easy to reach but that do not take up extra space while entertaining.

Breakfast Bars

When your table doesn't have enough seats, you can prevent people from being forced to stand by installing a breakfast bar. A breakfast bar is essentially a slab of wood that is installed up against a wall. It provides an extra surface to eat and sit at. Breakfast bars installed under windows or near French patio doors can offer great views while your guests sit. Help save even more space by purchasing stools that can be tucked under the breakfast bar. When someone wants to sit, it's easy to pull the stool out and have a seat. When they are not being used, tucking the stools underneath the breakfast bar can help save a lot of space and really minimize the clutter in the room. These bars are also an ideal seating spot for kids. As you entertain other adults, children can sit at the breakfast to color, enjoy a snack, or play with other children.

Determine what upgrades are most important to your kitchen and talk with local contractors, such as those at Fas Windows and Doors, for more information and options. Then you can work on getting estimates and pricing for implementing the upgrades before your next gathering. 

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