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4 Fire Safety Tips for Medicinal Marijuana Users

Do you live in a state where medicinal marijuana has been legalized, and have you just received a permit to grow and use the herb? If so, it's time to have a talk about fire safety. Read on to learn four important fire safety tips for cultivating and smoking marijuana.

1. If You're Growing Indoors, Call in an Electrician

Before you go ahead and set up a small-scale grow operation in your spare bedroom, you've got to make sure your electrical system can handle the load. Up to twelve outlets, including the one in your bedroom, can be part of a standard fifteen-amp electrical circuit, and a single thousand-watt grow lamp will use nine of those amps. If you plug two thousand-watt lamps into this circuit, you're exceeding the limits of it and putting yourself at risk of an electrical fire. 

Before you set up any grow room in your house, have an electrician come in and examine your electrical system. They'll let you know what equipment your electrical system is capable of supporting without becoming a fire risk and can beef up the system if you need them to.

2. Seek Out Stable Smoking Equipment

Some marijuana smoking devices are built more for beauty than function. Tall, elaborate glass Sherlock pipes may look great, but they can also tip over easily and spill hot ash onto your floor, table, or couch. Rolling papers are inexpensive, but a joint left in an ashtray can fall out as it burns down, creating a fire hazard.

When selecting your smoking device, opt for a piece with a wide, flat base so it sits sturdily on flat surfaces. If you'll be using rolling papers, keep your marijuana cigarettes in solid, sturdy ashtrays and never leave them unattended.

3. Wet Your Ashes before Tossing Them

Marijuana legalization is in its infancy, so there haven't been many studies concerning fire hazards associated with it. It is known, however, that a standard cigarette can smolder and remain capable of starting a fire for hours. Depending on the moisture content of your marijuana and how tightly you have rolled it or packed it into a smoking device, ashes from it may remain hot for this amount of time or longer. To prevent a trash fire, never dump your joint ends or spent ashes from other smoking devices directly into your garbage. Instead, place them in a metal bucket or container and thoroughly soak them with water before transferring them to your trash bin.

4. Invest In Fire Alarm Monitoring

Of all the home fire-related deaths that occur in the United States each year, smoking is the leading cause. If you'll be growing and smoking marijuana in your home for medicinal reasons, you've got to take measures to protect the safety of yourself, your family, and your neighbors. 

When you sign up for fire alarm monitoring, a professional will come to your home and install fire detectors in any area of your home that you'd like to have monitored. You can have your whole house done or limit your smoking to one particular room and just have that room monitored. Should a fire erupt in an area being monitored, an operator at a centrally located facility will be alerted and they will contact your local fire department right away. Even you're in bed sleeping or at the grocery store, the fire department will be dispatched as soon as the alarm is activated so they can get to work putting out the fire before anybody is injured by it. Contact a representative from a company like Fyr Fyter Inc for more information about fire alarms.

Along with the right to smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes comes the responsibility to do so safely. If you'll be growing and smoking marijuana at your home, follow the above tips to ensure that neither you nor your loved ones fall victim to a smoking-related house fire.

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