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Don't Fence In The Fun: Get Creative With Your Chain Link Fence

Did you think chain link fences have to be utilitarian and boring? Think again. There are many ways to bring color and personality to your chain link fence. Here are a few. 

Start With the Structure

You can use your plain chain link fence as a starting point when creating some unique and fun looks for your yard. 

Wooden Framing

Start with your chain link as a basic structure and then add wood to create the look of a corral type fence. You can do this by attaching wooden planks horizontally to the top, bottom and center of the fence. Add vertical planks along each pole or break in the fence. 

You can also attach vertical planks along all or part of your fence to create a privacy barrier. 

Fence Weave

Landscaping supply stores sell a special coated material that can be woven into your existing chain link fence. This weave can be a neutral color designed to camouflage your fence, or it can be a bright and interesting color or pattern. 

Grow Vertical Vegetables

Put your chain link fence to work as a gardening tool for growing many types of veggies and even fruit. The fence works as a support system and gives the plant something to climb. 

  • Send several lines of string beans straight up your fence for a fantastic crop. 
  • Attach tomato vines to your fence using old pantyhose or soft fabric ties. 
  • Make melons follow your fence line instead of growing along the ground. As the melons grow larger, you can surround them with netting and secure it to the fence.
  • Train apple trees to grow vertically along your fence for a backyard orchard. 

Create a Floral Backdrop

Many types of flowers climb up on vines, and some will even have vines that cover the fence completely. Annual vines, or plants that have to be replanted each year, grow much faster than those that return year after year or stay green all winter long. 

Here are some good choices for creating a floral display on your chain link fence. 

  • Clematis
  • Morning Glory
  • Climbing roses
  • Honeysuckle
  • Golden Hops
  • Wisteria
  • Trumpet Vine
  • Jasmine
  • Sweet Pea

You could also choose a non-flowering vine like English Ivy or Virginia Creeper. These will get thicker each year and will eventually cover your fences. Some vines can be invasive, so be sure to do your research before you pick something. You will also need to understand the conditions specific to your climate in order to get the right plant. 

If you want to put flowers on your chain link fence but don't want to plant anything in the ground, consider hanging vases or planters from the links. If you are ecologically minded, you might try using old plastic bottles. You can also buy planters made specifically for hanging on fences. 

Place planters randomly for a spot of color here and there, or use lines of planters to create more coverage. 

Fill it With Art

There are plenty of ways to jazz up your chain link fence if you have an artist's eye. You can find paint that will cover a chain link fence at a landscaping supply store. Paint your fence any color you like or even more than one color if you really want to stand out. 

You can also decorate your fence by placing colorful or interesting items in between the open spaces. Designboom reports on artist Andy Uprock ,who paints plastic cups and then creates designs with them in chain link fences. You could use cups to spell out words, create pictures or just add some color to your yard. 

With a little bit of imagination, you can have your chain link fence looking amazing. Whether you choose wood, plants or art, your yard is sure to be the center of attention. For more tips on enhancing your fence's aesthetics, contact your local fencing company like Nickelston Fence Inc

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