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4 Summer Activities That Can Damage Marble Floors & Countertops

The use of marble floors and counters in your home can create beautiful views, unique designs, and a timeless look that lasts for multiple years. As summer approaches, you want to ensure that your marble surfaces remain protected, clean, and of the same quality that they had when they were first installed. During these warm months, there are multiple activities that can cause damage to your floors and counters. By being aware of this damage, you can help minimize the ill effects and ensure that your marble floors stay in great condition. Browse through the following four types of summer activities that can impact your marble floors and learn about ways to help fix or prevent these problems.

Summer Beach Trips

Visiting the beach is a great summer tradition for many families, but it can create problems in the home when you take the beach home with you. Sand particles can easily get tracked into the home. When this occurs, the same particles can easily scratch your marble surfaces and cause damage. If you visit the beach often, the sand can quickly pile and create a lot of tarnished areas on the marble surfaces. When you're leaving the beach, you should rinse off as much sand as possible. Bringing a portable vacuum in the car will also help you suck up extra particles and prevent them from coming to the home. If your marble surfaces have been scratched due to sand, then you can hire a professional marble cleaning company to repair the surfaces. The scratches and tarnished areas will be polished and restored to their original look.

Backyard Water Activities

Hot days offer a great opportunity to go ahead and enjoy some water activities like a swimming pool, sprinkler, or inflatable water slide. While it's a nice way to cool off, you do not want to track the water into the home. Many forms of marble are porous. This means that exposure to liquid can cause stains or damage to the marble surfaces. When enjoying water activities outdoors, you should have towels and a drying area available. To help make it easy to return to the house, you can use a throw carpet or runner over the marble. This will prevent the extra moisture from dripping onto the marble and causing extensive damage. If water damage has occurred, then a marble cleaning company can help remove the stains and restore the marble to their original colors. A new seal can also be applied to the marble to help resist water and moisture in the future.

Backyard Barbecues

The summer is a great time for hosting family and friends through a backyard barbecue. If you have marble counters, then it's important to be aware of the food and other items that are being placed on the surface. Hot plates, crock pots, or baked casseroles should not be placed directly on the marble. The heat can cause damage and etching into the stone. Use flat mats made to hold the hot objects so that the marble does not become damaged. If hot food items have caused damage, then you can hire a cleaning company to restore the surface and make it smooth again.

Summer Drinks

The start of summer is also the signal of great summer drinks. Lemonades, sodas, and ice tea are just a few of the cold and refreshing drinks that people love during the summer. While these drinks are great to enjoy, the acids and ingredients in them can cause extensive damage to marble surfaces. For example, if a drink is placed down without a coaster, the cup shape could form directly into the marble. Keep marble protected by using large coasters or avoiding drinks on these surfaces. If a drink ring has appeared, cleaners can polish the area and eliminate the rings from appearing.

By planning ahead and using professional cleaning services such as All American Stone & Tile Care Inc., you can enjoy your summer without worrying too much about damaging your marble surfaces.

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