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4 Inspections For Your Older Home That Can Help Save You Money In The Long Run

There are a variety of benefits to take advantage of as a homeowner, such as the ability to make aesthetic changes and renovations big or small as you see fit without having to get permission from anyone else first. But along with home ownership also comes plenty of responsibility, including regular maintenance tasks and repair requirements, which can really add up when your home is older. The following four inspections can save you money on maintenance and repairs as well as give you peace of mind by helping to ensure that your older home remains in optimal condition throughout the years:


If your home is more than 40 years old, it's important to have the electrical system inspected yearly to make sure that it performs safely and that there aren't any problems with any wires that are concealed within the walls. Regular inspections will help you avoid malfunctions that are expensive to address. Your electrical inspector will test all of the components within your electrical system as well as do the following:

  • Check the circuit panel for outdated fuses and wires, then replace them as necessary.

  • Inspect wet area outlets for damage and make replacements when required.

  • Visually and audibly inspect the light outlets to check for humming or buzzing noises as well as wear and tear.

Any service provider, such as All American Air & Electric, Inc., should also be happy to teach you how to visually inspect basic functions of your electrical system between professional inspections so you can catch any small problems before they become too serious or costly to repair.


Your plumbing system is another important aspect of your home ā€“ if it is not functioning properly, it can lead to higher water and energy costs throughout the year. To ensure optimal performance and minimize wear and tear, the following aspects of your plumbing system should be inspected on a yearly basis:

  • Drainage pipes and connections in the kitchen and bathrooms.

  • Supply lines to the toilet and line valves to the sinks.

  • All appliances that require water use to function, such as the dishwasher and washing machine.

  • Outdoor hose bibs.

  • Cast iron drain joints.

  • The sump pump.

While you can visually inspect these things yourself periodically, it's helpful to have a professional plumber complete a yearly inspection to ensure that nothing important is overlooked.


If you have large trees in the yard, consider having an arborist inspect them once a year to ensure that they're healthy and in good condition. Trees that become sick, weak, or too large can lose their branches that end up falling on your home and causing damage. Your inspector will check for dead or cracked branches, root rot, fungal infections, and other issues that can affect the health and safety of your trees. If any problems are found, your arborist will provide you with a list of recommendations, such as trimming branches or introducing mechanical support that you can use to increase the safety of your trees.

Windows and Doors

If your doors and windows are leaking air, you are likely spending a lot more money on your energy costs than you have to. By ensuring that your windows and doors are properly sealed, you'll save yourself money on heating and cooling costs as well as reduce noise pollution from the outdoors, improve interior humidity control, and reduce the chance of pollen and dust from entering your home. Have a professional inspect your windows and doors once a year for leaks, and have them use spray foam insulation and weatherstripping to reinforce them where needed.

By incorporating these home inspections into your yearly maintenance checklist, you can expect to minimize the chance of having any serious break downs and malfunctions throughout the years.

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