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4 Ways To Take Your Deck To The Next Level After A Repair

A deck withstands all forms of outdoor weather, including wind, rain, snow, ice, hail, and more. As a result, decks become "weathered" and may be in need of a repair or two. Instead of simply hiring a remodeling contractor to repair your deck, why not use this as an opportunity to take your deck to the next level? Not only will your deck problems be fixed, but it will look and feel like you have a brand new deck. Here are a few ways you can improve upon your deck beyond just having it repaired.

1. Sand & Stain Your Deck

If your deck is old and weathered looking, don't just settle for a deck repair. Once the broken slats are fixed or the missing board is replaced, take the opportunity to sand your deck smooth and apply a fresh coat of stain and weather sealant. Not only will the stain make the wood look richer and newer, but the sealant will also give your deck a shinier appearance and keep the wood underneath protected for longer.

2. Build a Pergola

Whether you're handy with wood yourself or you hire a remodeling contractor to do it, building a pergola is a great way to give your deck a bigger and better look after having it repaired. A DIY pergola can be fairly simple to put together if you're the building sort of person, or a remodeling contractor can help you create plans that bring life to an old deck that has just been fixed. Once the pergola is built, plant some flowering vines at the base and watch as they climb higher season after season, creating a gorgeous natural canopy and transforming the entire space into something beautiful and ethereal.

3. Increase Your Deck Seating

If you've just had a deck repair, this is an excellent opportunity to transform the area into a true outdoor entertainment space. If you don't have a lot of deck seating, or your patio furniture is old and worn out, invest in some new furniture or build some "built in" wooden deck benches. Use a focal point like a fire pit or a table and arrange your new seating around it. Not only will you have fixed your broken deck, but you will have added to the overall space in your home by creating another area for your family and guests to gather and eat or visit when the weather is nice.

4. Invest in Great Deck Lighting

Your deck shouldn't just be a way to get from your house to your car or your backyard. Your deck is a place for gathering and enjoying a bit of fresh air. If you have great seating now, or have just revamped your deck seating after having a deck repair, it's time to think about lighting. Spending quiet summer evenings and cool fall nights on your deck is impossible without good lighting. Explore lighting options such as string lights, LED lighting, recessed lighting, rope lighting, and more. If you choose a lighting option that is difficult to do on your own, discuss what you're looking for with your remodeling contractor and have the work done at the same time you're having your deck repaired.

A deck repair can be so much more than just fixing a few broken boards or redoing steps that have gone off balance. Take your deck to the next level after the repair by doing something you've always wanted to do with your deck space, such as re-staining and sealing it, building a pergola, or redoing the seating and setting up better lighting. Just use your imagination and talk with remodeling contractors, such as those at Kansas City Remodel and Handyman Allen, for ideas.

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