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No Room For A Full Size Pool? These Three Types Of Small Pools Are Just As Appealing

There's a common misconception among homeowners that if there's not enough room for a sizable pool, then there's little reason to install a pool at all. Some homeowners fear they'll be embarrassed when friends compare the size of their smaller pool to the sizes of those friends' larger pools. Surely, big, spacious pools are nice, but if you really want a pool and are short on space, you can still achieve your dreams with a smaller design. These three types of small pools are so incredibly appealing that no one will ever date comment on their lack of spaciousness.

Spa Pools

If you live in a warm environment, the idea of slipping into a hot tub is probably not as appealing as that of slipping into a cool pool. However, the relaxing structure of a hot tub, which often includes seats and jets, may appeal to you. A spa pool is like a cross between a pool and a hot tub. It holds cooler water, but has seats, radio, jets, and light features like a hot tub.

There are many different styles of spa pools available. Some give you full control over the temperature, allowing you to vary it from a comfortable pool temperature (around 80 degrees F) all of the way up to a hot tub temperature (around 100 degrees F). Others only operate at cooler temperatures. Some spa pools can be built into the ground in your patio or yard, while others sit above ground. One thing is true of all spa pools, however. They're fully luxurious, even though they're not large enough for actual swimming.

Tropical Oasis Pools

A good way to make a small pool more appealing is to choose one that's made to look like a tropical oasis rather than a simple concrete pool. These pools typically are surrounded with natural rocks and greenery, making them appear like natural springs in a rainforest or near a beach. They may feature waterfalls, multiple water levels, and natural rock "steps" for entry. Some have built-in seating areas, and others even have natural water lilies and other plants growing within them.

Typically, tropical oasis pools of this type are custom designed for each specific home. A pool contractor can look at your landscaping and the qualities of your soil and tell you what your options are in terms of an oasis-style pool. Even if you only have a small amount of space to work with, a pool of this type can be made to look very luxurious and peaceful. It will be a great retreat during a backyard party or on a quiet summer night, and since its aura is so relaxing, nobody will be concerned that it's not large enough for swimming laps or engaging in high-energy sports.

Endless Pools

If you're planning on using your pool for exercise, you might be particularly concerned about its size. Few people enjoy swimming laps in a tiny pool. However, there is an alternative. Endless pools, also known as countercurrent pools, are small pools that come equipped with a device that accelerates water past the swimmer. With the water accelerator on, the swimmer can keep on swimming into the continuous stream of water without changing physical position in the pool. Essentially, you can swim on and on for hours in a pool that's only a few feet longer than your body.

Chances are good that once your swimming buddies see your high-tech little pool, they'll be impressed with its cool features, rather than taken aback by its small size. The water acceleration devices in most countercurrent pools can be turned on and off, so you can use your pool for a gentle soak or let the kids play in it when you're not exercising.

Don't let a lack of space keep you from installing a pool. Endless pools, tropical oasis pools, and spa pools all offer versatility and style in a compact size.

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